Safety Behind The Wheel

The following are OSHA and ANSI safety requirements.

Do's Don'ts
DO always HANDLE AND STORE wheels in a CAREFUL manner.
DON'T use a cracked wheel or one that HAS BEEN DROPPED or has become damaged.
DO VISUALLY INSPECT and ring test all wheels before mounting.
DON'T FORCE a wheel onto the machine OR ALTER the size of the mounting hole - if wheel doesn't fit the machine, do not use.
DO CHECK MACHINE SPEED against the established maximum safe operating speed MARKED ON THE WHEEL.
DON'T EXCEED MAXIMUM OPERATING SPEED established for the wheel.
DO CHECK MOUNTING FLANGES for equal and correct diameter.
DON'T use mounting flanges on which the bearing surfaces ARE NOT CLEAN, FLAT AND FREE OF BURRS.
DO be sure WORK REST is properly adjusted.
DON'T grind on the SIDE OF THE WHEEL (see Safety Code B7.1 for exception).
DO always USE A SAFETY GUARD, covering at least one-half of the grinding wheel.
DON'T start the machine until the WHEEL GUARD IS IN PLACE.
DO allow NEWLY MOUNTED WHEELS to run at operating speed, with guard in place, for at least one minute before grinding.
DON'T JAM, work into the wheel.
DO always WEAR SAFETY GLASSES or some type of eye protection when grinding.
DON'T STAND DIRECTLY IN FRONT of a grinding wheel whenever a grinder is started.
DO consult your STONE BOSS Rep with any questions or concerns.
DON'T FORCE GRINDING so that motor slows noticeably or work gets hot.
DON'T use any grinding wheel wet.